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When it comes to candles especially long candles I have always thought that the white classic once are the way to go but lately I have fallen in love with coloured once. I especially like those in a earthy and sober colour scheme. You can tell that coloured candles is a trend and that I am not alone about falling for them. That you can tell by the number of colours you can get them in and the many stores that offers them right now.

A trend that I think is here to stay is coloured candles. Nowadays you don’t just see the traditional white once and the occasional red once (around Christmas), lots of more colours has appeared.

Even though I used to think that classic white candles was the way to go I have totally fallen for the coloured. So I decided to buy home a bunch of them. I cant decide which colour out of the once I bought is my favourite yet but as you can see I started out easy with more down to earth and sober colours. If I where to be more ”brave” and use more colourful it would have to start out with the beautiful Tallow, designed by Ontwerpduo.


That coloured candles are popular is hard to not notice since you can buy them almost everywhere and since the colour range is almost uncountable.

DSC01476 DSC01478 DSC01480 DSC01483 DSC01485 DSC01488 DSC01499

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