Madeleine Asplund Klingstedt
Jag arbetar som inredare, stylist och designer. Jag driver även möbelmärket Lineaire tillsammans med min kollega Erik Asplund. På min blogg tipsar jag om mina designfavoriter, presenterar trender samt låter er ta del av mina projekt, jobb och vardag. Följ mig gärna på Instagram för dagliga uppdateringar.

Interior design tips

Hide the technique, especially the TV. A Tv is never beautiful, neither are cables so hide it and them behind a curtain wall. That makes the Tv disappear when you aren’t watching it. 



Apartment in Läderfabriken by Oscar Properties

Enlarge rooms with mirrors. Mirrors can make a room feel, look both lighter and bigger.asplundklingstedtinterior100


Mirror by Afroditi Krassa


Mirror by Mathias Kiss

Round tables and tables with rounded corners. Round tables and even tables with rounded corners give rooms more flow and make the passage in rooms more fluent. Smaller kitchens or dinning rooms can feel more open with a round table and a round table can in a more relaxed way fit more sitting guests. Round table also make dinners and gatherings more social, since everyone can talk to each other instead of just talking to the ones next to you.



Rounded corners on table from Friends and Founders

asplundklingstedtinterior105 asplundklingstedtinterior107

Eero Saarinen´s marble table for Knoll that comes in both oval and round form

Build in mirrors in bathrooms and keep the storage at under eye level. Bathrooms tend to often be quite small spaces which puts pressure on making them feeling bigger then they are. This is because a bathroom with a mirror cupboard that builds out from the wall at or above eye level tend to make rooms seem smaller then they are.asplundklingstedtinterior109

Bathroom featured in Sköna hem



Fashion designer Altewai´s bathroom in Badrumsdrömmar

Make custom made bathroom design and storage. Bathrooms are the rooms that vary the most and also the the room that has the least designed furniture. I think this is because their is no right or wrong bathroom plan which makes it difficult for designers to make the ”right” storage for bathrooms. To design a both beautiful and functional I always end up making custom made storage, bathroom design and it always feels like the right decision.asplundklingstedtinterior1

Built on site custom made storage and built in mirror in our ongoing project, Norden & Klingstedt

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