Interior design project – Stockholm apartment

I wanted to share one of our ongoing interior design projects with you. It´s a project in which we have been involved all the way from the start, handling the renovation. When the renovation is done we will also handle the furnishing and all the rest of the interior design. I already now know that I will be able to share the finished result with you, since our client has approved.

But right now we are in the final stages of the renovation. Therefor I am going to start of with sharing some of the inspiration we gathered for the project.

This is part of the moodboard for the bathroom:moodboard badrum asplund klingstedt interior

The stones we choose for the apartment is a mixture of Carra C marble and black / grey marble. We paired the marbles with concrete, letting the marble form different patterns.


We choose to design a very traditional heirloom kitchen and wardrobes in the apartment to honor the heirloom style of the apartment itself and it´s herringbone floors. To mix it up a bit and to get a more modern touch, knobs and handles from Buster and Punch was the perfect option. Some in brass and some in chrome where chosen in different rooms to get an individual feel.

asplund klingstedt interior buster and punch

Since the renovation isn´t finished yet I only have this sneak peak to share with you as an end to this post:kitchen design norden & klingstedt




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