Interior design fullfilled by art

Artist Jacob Södergren has created pieces for Nosh and Chow and this is an example of how art can fullfil the interior design and make it go from beautiful to magical. Södergren's abstract art, that he himself describes as a structured chaos, connects to the space at Nosh and Chow and both pops out of the environment and at the same time make into a whole.

Using art to fullfil and complete the interior design makes it go from beautiful to magical. Artist Jacob Södergren has made these beautiful pieces for Nosh and Chow. The concept and interior design was created by Martin Karlsson and when Södergren was introduced to the project he asked for a visit and a briefing of the concept before starting his creative process. This allowed Södergren to get inspired by the place where the art will be displayed which made the result become both a part of the interior design and yet something that pops out of it.


Seeing Jacob’s work and the way it lifts up the rest of the environment tells you about his big interest in furniture design and modernism.

Jacob Södergren´s art at Nosh and ChowJacob Södergren´s art at Nosh and ChowJacob Sodergren´s art at Nosh and ChowJacob Sodergren´s art at Nosh and Chow.

Södergren translates inspiration and color combinations from the everyday life into something less tangible and each of his works vary in texture, tone, and shape. The multiple layers of paint build up into tangible, spontaneous compositions and flecks of metallic pigment are used to emphasize a natural value among the layers. The pieces balance careful attention to composition and pattern with a geological quality.

Jacob Södergren is represented by Galleri Eklund and you can see more behind the scenes material on Södergren’s Instagram.

All photos are taken by Mathias Nordgren.

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